Special Thanks

John Baule - Director, Yakima Valley Museum

We are indebted to John Baule and Yvonne Wilbur for their assistance in the production of Yakima — The Beginning.

From their first meeting with us in December until a few days ago, as we touched up the last few pages of this magazine, they made themselves completely available to our staff. Their expertise and knowledge of the history of Yakima was invaluable.

Baule, director of the Yakima Valley Museum, opened the museum’s back room to us for research. There, we were able to pore over photos, postcards, jubilee buttons and programs and old street maps.

The museum staff, particularly David Lynx, provided us with dozens of historical photos. We tried to keep our requests limited and organized, but as with many things involving a newspaper, much of our work came at the last minute, on deadline. Can you get us just five more photos — within the next hour?

No matter what the request, Baule and his staff were always helpful and cheerful, ready to provide whatever was needed.

Yvonne Wilbur

Yvonne Wilbur, a local historian and active member of the Yakima Valley Historical Society, often jokes that she should get paid for her knowledge. She’d be a wealthy woman.

Wilbur can talk about many of Yakima’s earliest settlers as though she’s personally familiar with the families — who married who and what happened to the children. Her insight and deft handle of local history comes from years of research and volunteer work at the museum.

Need to know when the statue of “The Colonel” was first moved to Yakima Avenue and where it got moved in 1908? Wilbur’s the person to call.

After months of working with Wilbur and Baule, we have come to realize what a treasure both of these individuals are to the entire community.